about us

Martin & The evil eyes of Nur are a music and performance art trio founded in Istanbul and whose members are currently living in Vienna and Hamburg.

They are Pussy Hass, Kaiser Kurzweil, and Herr Leitung with Hass and Leitung performing live on stage and Kurzweil as director and mastermind.

They are creating a new soundmix with electronical beats, synthesizer and an old-fashioned pump organ. Striking lyrics, outfits and styles and a strong point of view are to be experienced in their videos, performances and songs.

"Martin & The evil eyes of Nur" performed already among others at Tarlabasi Biennial- Istanbul, Museum Fridericianum- Kassel, Garage X- Vienna, RHIZ- Vienna Dogzstar- Istanbul, Gasstation- Berlin, Zollverein- Essen and BRUT- Vienna(selection)

Their videos were screened among others at Projektraum Love_, Vienna, Gallery 5533 IMC, Istanbul, Stellwerk, Kassel.